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Typography & Lettering

Fonts in Use
A searchable archive of typographic design, indexed by typeface, format and topic.

Font of the Month Club
A new font in your inbox every single month, designed and produced by David Jonathan Ross.

Friends of Type
A daily collection of original typographic design and lettering from four primary contributors.

Type Cache
Primarily an online index for type foundries and font sellers—also featuring interviews, news and typographic t-shirts.

Typeface App ︎
My favourite font app for choosing typefaces, the minimal interface makes browsing your collection super easy.

An online magazine that showcases, discusses and reviews the world of typography, icons and visual language.

Typewolf ︎
A collection of resources aimed at web designers, from guides on font pairings to collections of websites with outstanding typography.

Typographic Posters
A collection of posters from around the world that showcase inspirational uses of typography.
︎ = Highly recommended