JS Bin


1Password ︎
A password manager, digital vault, form filler and secure digital wallet. I honestly cannot recommend this enough.

Copy Paste Character
An easy way to copy hidden characters that come with computer typefaces.

Day One
A personal journaling app I started using right before I moved abroad. Great for the nostalgic types.

A team messaging app but honestly way more than that I just don’t even know where to start. Kinda like slack but more AI and Gen-Z vibe.

Simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files. Great way to back-up your work online, too.

Dropbox Paper
A workspace that brings creation and coordination together in one place. I personally rate it higher than Google Docs because it’s designed for digital, instead of print.

Fluid App
Create OS X desktop apps out of websites or web applications.


A meditation app for mental health and happiness.

Hemingway App
An editor that highlights and corrects grammar, fluency, and sentence structure.

iA Writer
A simple, well designed writing app.

Improve focus and boost your productivity by mixing different sounds and create your perfect environment.

Notion ︎
Kill Google Docs. Fuck Dropbox Paper. MARRY Notion.

Simplenote ︎
A light note-taking application with markdown support. I use this every day because of it’s no BS design and seamless integration across mobile and desktop.

A team messaging app.

Project management software for companies that don’t do boring.

A simple to-do app.

A project management app to create lists and collaborate across teams. Great for website projects.
︎ = Highly recommended