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Type Foundries

A2 Type
London based type foundry set up by design studio A2/SW/HK, they produce a unique collection of specially crafted fonts.

Adobe Fonts
An online service which provides Adobe subscribers with access, under a single licensing agreement, to its entire font library.


A digital type foundry run by Brazilian type designer Daniel Sabino, currently based in São Paulo.

Colophon Foundry
An international, award-winning type foundry in London and Los Angeles.

Commercial Type
A venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz. Based in NYC and London, the company publishes retail fonts developed by Barnes and Schwartz, their staff and outside collaborators.

Dalton Maag
An independent font foundry with offices in London, UK and São Paulo, Brazil.

Darden Studio
A smaller foundry founded by Joshua Darden, based in New York.

Dunwich Type
The work of James Puckett, a one-man foundry based in Colorado.

DS Type
An independent type foundry since 1994, they have an extensive list of custom fonts for well known clients, as well as experimenting with variable fonts. 

A one-man Dutch foundry and many of the high quality typefaces are free.

A two person type foundry in Estonia, they produce retail and custom typefaces.

An international manufacturer of digital typefaces, based in Berlin. It is one of the largest digital type foundries in the world.

Foster Type
The typographic work of Dave Foster, an independent designer based in Sydney, Australia.

An independent type design studio in New York City, led by Tobias Frere-Jones.

Grilli Type
An independent Swiss type foundry, producing high quality retail and custom typefaces.

HvD Fonts
A type design studio based in Berlin, they produce a lot of the most recognizable typefaces both commercially and for well known clients.

Hoefler & Co.
Based in New York since 1989 with a library of nearly 1,500 typefaces, Hoefler & Co. is one of the bigger type foundries.

Just Another Foundry
Founded in 2004 and based in Germany, JAF is Tim Ahrens and Shoko Mugikura, who design and produce fonts for print and screen.

Founded by Kris Sowersby in New Zealand, he and Noe Blanco produce high quality commercial typefaces.

Letters From Sweden
Designing retail and custom typefaces for local and international clients.

A foundry based in Switzerland since 1993, Lineto is a network connecting some 20 internationally renowned designers offering digital typefaces and font-related projects.

Lost Type Co-op
A collaborative digital foundry since 2011, it’s a pay-what-you-want foundry with a collection of over 50 different faces from contributors all over the world.

Ludwig Type
A one man foundry based in Germany producing high quality retail and custom fonts as well as custom lettering.

Mark Simonson
A studio founded by Mark Simonson in 2001, specializing in lettering and typography. 

Milieu Grotesque
An independent publisher and distributor of typefaces and related products based in Portugal.

A company with, among other divisions, one of the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of typefaces, as well as a suite of products for design and marketing.

My Fonts
A digital fonts distributor, based in Massachusetts, retailing over 130,000 fonts.

A French/Swiss studio specialising in custom fonts and typographic branding. 

P22 Type
A foundry renowned for working with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces that are fully relevant for today’s computer user.

Play Type
A foundry and online shop with a strong emphasis on promoting Danish type design.

Process Type Foundry
An independent type design studio in Minnesota, specialising in the design of original typefaces for retail and custom use.

The Designer’s Foundry
A hand-picked international team of type designers with a library of accessible and quality typography.

Type Together
An international team of professional type designers, specialising in editorial and corporate typography.

Type Trust
A type design studio and independent digital font foundry of Silas Dilworth based in Los Angeles. 

A type foundry, publisher and a design studio run by Johanna Biľak, Peter Biľak, and Nikola Djurek. They focus on innovation in web fonts and particularly on extended language support.

Ultra Kühl
A small studio based in Berlin, working with a multidisciplinary approach on the intersection between type design and visual interaction.

You Work For Them
A collective run by designers, committed to providing the most usable, affordable, fonts and stock art in the world, while remaining easy and accessible.
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